Balloon Bounce Shader
Balloons are the biggest part of our game.  They are the target and they are your lifeline.  I wanted to do something to really show when they get hit.  There are two main effects here, a simple glow, and something more complex, which is the balloon vertexes bending depending on where you hit the balloon.
Shield Ball Shader
A shield ball is a vital weapon in Balloonatics to protect yourself and set traps for others.  I wanted to put a really cool material on the shield that you could see through and also make it look like it's created with energy and harnesses that energy.
Water with Depth Shader
A water shader that I created.  The shader allows for depth control, foam around intersecting polygons, refraction options and of course color.
Snow Globe for Ice Gun Shader
On of our characters, Klause, is a polar bear with a gun that freezes your fan blades in place and grinding you to a hault.  For this gun, I wanted the back of the gun to house the ammo and be a visual indication of how much ammo is left.  the shader acts as a snow globe, it has snow flying around inside and also a heap of snow showing how much is left.  The snow slowly disappears as you use the gun, if you turn the gun around, it also rotates around with gravity.
Flowing Lava Shader
A shader to show the effect of lava flowing, pretty self explanatory.  It has the option for 2 texture inputs that flow at different speeds.
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